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Saeculis Obscuris


A game about a lone space pirate captain, exploring the dark fringes of the galaxy, looking for a legendary planet to settle and retire from his previous life. Unforgivable permadeath will make his choices hard and find him stranded in inhospitable regions many times. To survive, he will need to deal with hostile forces, traders, pirates and aliens.

The only compass to guide him through the void is the Stone of Wishes, a strange artefact that leads a man to his deepest desires. It a light and a curse, as he stole it from his last employers, the Legio Mortir pirate cartel. And they want it back.


Features :

  • lots of space battles
  • boarding enemy ships is your only way to expand your fleet
  • send exploration team on planets from orbit to harvest ressources and discover secrets and dangers
  • modify your ship's loadout and find the best weapons and systems combination
  • send fighters, missiles and torpedoes to your enemies
  • manage fuel and food required for travelling, shortages will change your ethical choices
  • trade with pacific ship captains or with orbital stations
  • fall in traps and ambushes
  • ransom freighters
  • join space engagements alongside various factions
  • complete contracts and increase your reputation with others

Download demo

Saeculis Obscuris Demo 100 MB

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