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It is the ancient times of the Barbarians !

Enter a lost and brutal fantasy world. Fight in the arenas to gain gold and experience. Try to survive ambushes of looters and monsters. Seek treasures in deadly dungeons. Follow quests and find your way to the Fang Monastery to defeat the terrible Abdul Khan that imposes his reign of terror. On your path, enroll mighty warriors, buy sharp weapons, repel invasions of Goblins and Lizardmen armies, besiege and take back lost taverns, and prey the gods.

Struggle hard to become the Ultimate Barbarian !

Features :

- Lots of melee fights and blood

- Groups of mercenaries to drive with orders

- Procedural dungeons full of gold, traps and enemies

- Map with places to explore with taverns, arenas and special locations

- Small tutorial to learn how to play

- Main quest to defeat Abdul Khan

- Minor quests to follow

- Roaming armies of enemy factions that enforce the taverns throughout the lands

Informations :

- Singleplayer

- Local coop (2 players and up to 4 comming soon)

- Full gamepad support

- Full english and french translation

- Game in development with frequent updates

- Waiting for you suggestion !

Development state :

This is currently alpha stage with many features coming with each updates.

Alpha 04 (Sep 2017) :

- Tutorial updated with more tips to teach how to play.

- More side quests.

- Improved dungeons generation and corridors.

- New enemies : skeletons and ogres.

- Armors have been addded, including several basic models and some magical ones.

- New magic weapons and shields.

- New weapons, shields, helmets and objects.

- Items, weapons, shields and armors have now stats like damage or protection and you can see it by hovering icons in the inventory.

- Several bug fixes and balance.

- Tavern life improved.

Alpha 03 (Feb 2017) :

- new faction, the Lizardmen, with their own weapons and armor sets. They only appear in ambush and invasions and are dangerous enemies

- character screen with stats (Vitality, Strength, Agility) and points to spend that you gain with each level or by winning ritual battles. So it comes with more RPG elements and the possiblity to build your barbarian as you like

- inventory screen with 12 slots to store objects like food, potions, torches

- new light system, you now need to buy torches in tavern shops to explore the dungeons

- new objects, various potions to heal yourself, food, torches, magical scrolls to throw spells at your enemies

- dungeons are more deadly, have more traps and are more rewarding too as you can now find spell scrolls in chests and magical weapons with powerful effects

- you can find masters of arms in some taverns that can teach you special fighting techniques life fighting with two weapons or blocking projectiles

- various balances, tweaks and bug fixes

Alpha 02 (Jan 2017) :

- random invasions balance

- more weapons and graphics

- bug fixes

Coming for further updates :

- More items, potions, spell scrolls and magical effects

- More preying effects and more gods

- Minor quests will have more variety

- Improved procedural dungeon generation with more room variety and traps

- More creatures and monsters to slain

- More outside environments and taverns

More information

Published Jan 12, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Action RPG, gamepad, Local Co-Op, Roguelike, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, XBox 360 controllers
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Buy Now4.99€ EUR or more

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This is perhaps one of the best games i have played in a while.  It is hard and can be truly nerve wracking.  Thanks for making this.  All should support and give it a whirl.

The version 03 is out with many features such as character screen with inventory to store the new items in the game, spells scrolls to throw fire balls and lightnings. You now gain stat points to spend in characteristics to improve your barbarian, learn fighting techniques from masters. There are also magical weapons to be found in dungeons and new encounters, the Lizardmen !

Here is another video showing gameplay of monsters invasions in tavern and ritual battlefield where barbarians fight each other for blessings of the gods.

Game has reached version 02 !