Alpha 03

Alpha 03 (Feb 2017) :

- new faction, the Lizardmen, with their own weapons and armor sets. They only appear in ambush and invasions and are dangerous enemies

- character screen with stats (Vitality, Strength, Agility) and points to spend that you gain with each level or by winning ritual battles. So it comes with more RPG elements and the possiblity to build your barbarian as you like

- inventory screen with 12 slots to store objects like food, potions, torches

- new light system, you now need to buy torches in tavern shops to explore the dungeons

- new objects, various potions to heal yourself, food, torches, magical scrolls to throw spells at your enemies

- dungeons are more deadly, have more traps and are more rewarding too as you can now find spell scrolls in chests and magical weapons with powerful effects

- you can find masters of arms in some taverns that can teach you special fighting techniques life fighting with two weapons or blocking projectiles

- various balances, tweaks and bug fixes


Ultimate Barbarian 03 - Release - Win64 77 MB
Feb 24, 2017
Ultimate Barbarian 03 - Release - Win32 68 MB
Feb 24, 2017

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