Alpha 05

New update, alpha version 05

- Map gameplay overhaul :
- Roguelike type movement
- Autonomous enemy groups roaming on the map, ambushing and pursuing the player
- Invading parties that try to take locations on the map
- Day/night cycle
- Three new arenas, one easy, one normal and one hard

- Day/night cycle for outside encounters. Fighting at night without torches or light spells are very hard, but the sparks created when blocking with a weapon create light flash effects
- Two new enemy factions, the ratmen and a blue skin race of demons
- Possibility to plunder the taverns and get a lot of gold
- Improvements in dungeons with more traps, different enemies and new room types
- New weapons, armors and shields
- New decors and environments
- Balances in quests and arena fights gains
- Balances in fights and speed factor added to some weapons
- Some bugs fixed, text and translations errors
- XP needed per level slightly increased
- Game is globally harder to compensate high leveled allies and powerful magical objects, but the rewards and greater


Ultimate Barbarian (v.05 Release Windows 32Bits) 69 MB
Dec 23, 2017
Ultimate Barbarian (v.05 Release Windows 64Bits) 81 MB
Dec 23, 2017

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